Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting Ready to Cross the 100th Meridian

Noticing it getting more humid, still very dry and drought-like here. But the day after tomorrow we should start the real change in landscape as we enter into "reliable rain" country. Well see, I am not digging for the rain coat yet. And in case you are wondering, we haven't had a drop of rain on our tour yet, 22 days into it. I'd love to get my rain coat on and suffer through a few gully-washers for these folks down here!

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  1. Looking great guys. I'm jealous. Nothing like a tour to escape the 'real world' only to be enveloped in the realness of the world. Keep the cadence up and the wind at your back. I'm remembering when you met Josh and I on the last leg of our AK-UT tour in 2003 was it?