Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome to Brawley, California

We left very early this morning from the highest point on this first part of the tour and pedaled with monstrous tailwinds down interstate 8. Big rigs on the left, drop offs on the right! And gusty side winds! Shouldn't of had coffee before that "spinning wheel of
terror"! We made it no problem. Sorry
couldn't snap any pictures, I was
"white knuckle-Lin" the whole way!

Anyway, lots of Border Patrol running
around here. I wanted to stop and
ask one of these bros if they knew
my uncle Adam.

For those out there tracking us, try and find these places, we started in
Live Oak Springs, then Boulevard,
Jacumba, Seeley, El Centro and we
finished the day in Brawley.

In short time it went from:

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