Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bike Touring This and That

As we near the final leg (ha,ha no pun intended) of this awesome journey, we keep trying to adjust gear, clothes and our selves to adapt to this ride. A few days ago my right Achilles started acting up, and Josh had some discomfort in one of his arches so we re-positioned the cleats on our sandal/riding shoes and so far this has worked. We've also tried many different combos of shorts, and it seems like the best combo is one that changes on a regular basis! We've done other tweaks to h-bars, etc. but not too much as we've had many days to dial most of our "systems" on. Anyway, great day that started with rising around Pensocala Bay, then up through pine forests and now we are in Crestview, FA.


  1. Great you guys can write a best practices for crossing the US
    ..Dennis H

  2. Seriously. So glad things have gone well and you were both safe the whole way! Bucket list #? Done!