Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cardinals, Fire Flies, and Turtles

Well we know by the changes in the birds, bugs and wildlife that we have travelled east quite far. We had a nice T-storm last night but it was fine today while riding from LaGrange, TX (made famous by ZZ Top) to Navasota,TX, the official end o the 4th of our 7 maps.
We ran into 20 miles of harrowing travel, 18" shoulder with bumper to bumper traffic from the opening day of a 4 day massive antique fair. It wasn't pretty but we got through it and the rest of the riding was dreamy. The bugs are ramping up as we travel so we are in the tent now to sleep. Otherwise, we are traveling light and estimate, as of now, to be done right around April 25 or 26, give or take a few days. Of course we realize anything can happen still!

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