Sunday, April 8, 2012

Goodbye Texas!

Thanks for the memories! We crossed into Louisiana today after about 1100 total miles of Texas bike riding. And it was big in so many ways. From the big night skies full of stars in far west Texas, to the big rollers in the famous Hill Country to the big "Thicket" in the southeast and finally to the big time hospitality of the people we have met, we will remember the Lone Star state in a big way!
We also passed 2000 miles and are on the "victory" lap as Josh likes to call it because of the lack of big hills to grind up. Or to put it another way, the rest of the trip is pretty flat. But of course adventures of a different sort await in the final 1000 miles. Like food! We have received some tips on what to eat like crawdads and some sort of jelly and other foods. We are camped tonight in DeRidder, LA.


  1. Kevster! Sorry, I was out of town camping for Maya's spring break - unplugged you know!

    Pics are great, what an adventure! Enjoy LA! xoxoxoxo

  2. congrats on your y2k - what an accomplishment!