Saturday, April 7, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere

It seems that this entire region is under flood irrigation! There is water everywhere. We had a good last full day of riding in Texas, looks like we will be camping in Louisiana tomorrow night. Thanks to those who are commenting on this blog, I am reading all of them and sharing them with Josh. The people we have met in Texas have been so kind and pleasant, great people! We should also pass our 2000 mile mark tomorrow. We are now very close to the Gulf and I have noticed the slight influences of the Gulf on the wind patterns. Anyway, we roll on. Happy Easter!


  1. Holy shit! 2,000 miles? I am blown away by your stamina. Great works guys and have loads of fun! The gulf is a great place to be. Eat some oysters and gumbo for me!

  2. Happy Easter! Brewers opening day was fun, spring is ofically here! Here's to pedal power!

  3. I like your description of Texans, because you know I was born in Houston! You missed a great little snow storm on Friday. I hope you are enjoying the heat :)

    Andrea Naegle