Friday, April 13, 2012

Poplarville, Mississippi

We have enjoyed the last two days of riding through mostly tree farms and some light ranching and farming. We have been trying hard to understand the locals with their heavy accents, ours must be pretty wired to them too!
Some harrowing road surface/no shoulders/logging truck action makes me feel sometimes like I'm one of those free, without-a-rope climbers 1000 feet off the deck in Yosemite, one slight wrong adjustment of your balance and SEE YA! The roads generally have zero shoulders down here, heck you could fit 3 of these road widths in the same width as 400 west in Logan for sure! I guess that's why it's so nice riding a bike around Logan, there is SO MUCH ROOM!
Anyway, we are making good time, the weather has been very nice and we are looking forward!

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  1. Swing by Kiln and say hi to Favre. Looks like it has been a wonderful journey.
    I am not a robot.