Monday, April 23, 2012

Less Than 100 miles to Go

In Gainesville, Florida after coasting downwind for an easy 73 mile day. No kidding, it was actually easy because the terrain was flat, the roads smooth as silk, no humidity, temperatures in the 70's, and a strong tailwind. Don't get too many days like today.
Anyway, safe travels to our friends we left this morning (Chuck, Bob, Harry) as they head west on the Southern Tier. The trio are an inspiration not only because they are doing the trip but also because of the vitality they are showing at their ages. This trip was not a beginner trip! Good luck men! And we are also finishing the trip with another retired long-distance cyclist, Jim, from Northern Georgia who soloed the route with a BOB trailer.


  1. Ill be waiting for your call - I am not a robot!

  2. Are you going to turn around and ride back?? :) Enjoy the final days of your journey!

  3. Awesome you guys. Stella and I are at Morgan's farm. I had to chase some neighbor's cows out of his barn yesterday. We are headed to hot springs today. They had a great wedding. We played kazoos as Sarah come down the aisle. And Morgan sang a song he wrote for his wedding vows. We had a great time playing music with Sauders. Take care and have a great last leg of your journey.

    Can't wait to hear the stories.

  4. Man, the the 50 year old talking smack about "at their age"

    See you soon,

    Dennis, 56