Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Josh and I are at our final camp on The Southern Tier route outside of East Palatka, Florida. Another wonderful day riding from Gainesville to here on some awesome dedicated bike rails to trails, and smooth roads with wide and clean shoulders. Our last day of riding is tomorrow and is only about 40 miles. We plan on staying one night in St. Augustine to pack up and ship our bikes and gear. That should be 53 total days including rest days I think. We have been pleased with our execution of the ride, certainly a culmination of putting together a lot of our outdoor experiences over the years. In fact, looking back, we had zero mechanical issues with our gear that caused any more than an hour of problem-solving. That's rewarding for Josh and I as we are rolling on 1980's bikes with upgraded wheels, etc. Still, we are pleased to use our collective experiences to have a success rather than throwing tons of money into gear.
More reflections tomorrow!


  1. Seriously, my biggest congratulations to both of you! What an incredible accomplishment. Cheers!

  2. What a amazing experience and accomplishment for the both of you! Congratulations! I am eagerly anticipating the book, "Kevin & Josh's big bicycle adventure'.

  3. I third the congratulations! Unbelievable journey from arid, nasty California border desert to lush, humid coastal towns.